Saturday, January 23, 2010

spooky reviews: Trick R treat

every halloween nut and horror movie nut had been waiting since 300 to see this. two long years. and I'm sure most thought it well worth the wait.

I had gotten a copy on my birthday from my girlfriend and had to wait until I was alone watch it. she's a bit squeamish when it comes to blood and gore. I was a bit disappointed in it.

flash two months forward I deiced to re-watch it again to review it for Monday (yes its 5 days late. sorry!). and found my first opinion on it a bit tough. It is one of the best movies in a while, great story, great humor, and amazing ambient setting all making it stand out. which got me thinking "why was I so harsh on it before?" the answer was simple. like a whole lot of other October people after two years of waiting we where all hoping for the holly grail of Halloween movies. and it is not.

while being awesome the film did have its problems. by the end of it, it seemed that people where getting killed for the sake of dying. the language might have been better toned down a bit. the movie tries for to much shock value and not enough creepy. I downloaded the script to read it and see if this was the writer or Hollywood's fault.

Sam is the critter I have the most mixed feelings about. his little burlap sack mask and over sized bag is uber creepy and he is a well built monster. however his "Demon form" is kinda too corny looking and I would have liked him to keep his mask on. also he has some really awesome moments, then others he feels like a bad slasher who failed victims 101.

all in all it is a great movie that I'm going to watch again but its not Halloween incarnate as some of us had hoped