Sunday, August 15, 2010

friday the 13th and the chill of autumn

so about sundown on the 13th I caught the first chill of autumn. the wind has begone to hint at smells of fall and Autumn is just around the corner here. I bet later this month the leafs start to change color.

so happy Friday the 13th/first autumn chill day to all!

Friday, August 6, 2010

interwebs working again

my internet has been spazy for almost 3 months now but looks like its working again.

canceled Halloweens and sundays

I have been so excited for Halloween to get here I missed what day it landed on.
this is a awful, cruel, wickedly bad and all around sad thing to happen!

some of you are thinking "slow down their, Halloween Knight. surly it can't be that bad." But it is. in the place I live most people belong to one major religious group (which will remain unnamed for I'm not a hateful jerk, just a bit upset). this group holds Sunday as only for religious acts and will ether have a non religious holidays moved or canceled. the forth of july was moved to the 3ed this year. last time Halloween landed on Sunday they tried their hardest to have not happen.

this included boycotting stores that had Halloween events or even Halloween things for sell, forbidding it's members to celebrate it, and even having its members warn non members against the sin. we had one teacher at my high school explaing "that as you are all good members of the church you should not try and celebrate this sinful holiday becuse it lands on sunday"

Halloween would not be stopped. it almost ended in public protests and lots more problems. but a concerned clergyman put an end to all the foolishness and asked the members to just move it to Saturday. it ended relatively nicely and with minor conflict. but it has left a stain on Halloween that was just starting to wain. I have high hopes that they might just move it to Saturday, but some never learn from mistakes.