Friday, August 6, 2010

canceled Halloweens and sundays

I have been so excited for Halloween to get here I missed what day it landed on.
this is a awful, cruel, wickedly bad and all around sad thing to happen!

some of you are thinking "slow down their, Halloween Knight. surly it can't be that bad." But it is. in the place I live most people belong to one major religious group (which will remain unnamed for I'm not a hateful jerk, just a bit upset). this group holds Sunday as only for religious acts and will ether have a non religious holidays moved or canceled. the forth of july was moved to the 3ed this year. last time Halloween landed on Sunday they tried their hardest to have not happen.

this included boycotting stores that had Halloween events or even Halloween things for sell, forbidding it's members to celebrate it, and even having its members warn non members against the sin. we had one teacher at my high school explaing "that as you are all good members of the church you should not try and celebrate this sinful holiday becuse it lands on sunday"

Halloween would not be stopped. it almost ended in public protests and lots more problems. but a concerned clergyman put an end to all the foolishness and asked the members to just move it to Saturday. it ended relatively nicely and with minor conflict. but it has left a stain on Halloween that was just starting to wain. I have high hopes that they might just move it to Saturday, but some never learn from mistakes.


Erin @ I Heart New England said...

That's horrible! :( Sigh... I hope it all works out for you.

Mr. Macabre said...

Whew, and I thought we were bad down here about Halloween! You have my sympathies! With ours, it's kind of a given here that we celebrate it on the day before if it falls on a Sunday, we've never gotten a trick or treater on a Sunday.

Hrmmmph! Sinful holiday?! Don't get me started and I was in the ministry at one time!

Wendy the (Very) Good Witch said...

Hmmmm....I wonder if this will be an issue here this year. I've never thought about whether it would prevent some from celebrating. But I can certainly believe there will be a push against it. Oh I'm going to wonder about this. I may have to change my party to the week before Halloween if they decided to push it to Sat. Sorry for your dilemma! :o(

Ghoul Friday said...

I will never understand how people can invest so much negative effort into trivial "problems" when there are so many actual issues to deal with in life. The community could have banded together to fight local homelessness and poverty. Or rally around some families in need. Or a number of other actions that result in actual good.

They should be embarrassed.

I'm convinced Jesus would trick or treat.

HalloweeNut said...

In order to keep myself from going on a angry rant, all I'll say is that stories like this leave a foul taste in my mouth, probably because I'm foaming with rage! I HATE IT when churches try to stop Halloween! HATE IT!

Pixie said...

having lived in the Bible Belt for year, I can understand what you went thru. even tho the city ilived in was more progressive than others in the area, they still tried their best to put people off celebrating Halloween on a sunday. So, what happened? we trick or treated on TWO days insted of one! lol