Saturday, January 23, 2010

creepy myths: Revenants

when someone says undead two things come to most people's minds. beautiful immortal vampires or hungry rotting zombies. but the walking dead come in tons of other shapes and sizes.

Revenants are solid ghosts of western European myth. often they look like they did in life, a little paler and a bit on the thin side. sometimes they sport the wound that killed them, sometimes they take a bit more devilish form. they are always cold to the touch and the air around them seems to chill. they do not breath nor do they eat or sleep.

Revenants are usually someone who was wronged in life and has come back for revenge. sometimes they did not finish a task and cannot rest yet. ether way most revenants have one task they have returned to do and once finished they while return to the grave from which they came. they can only come out in the dead of night to do whatever task they must. using all sorts of tricks from poison breath to nightmares to extract their revenge.

they show the normal weakness of most English undead such as a fear of church bells and running water. a rather unique weakness is the paralyzing fear of a rosters call.