Thursday, January 14, 2010

Creepy myths: Baron samdi

The master of the graveyard, keeper of the secret to making zombies, and voodoo grim reaper. this loa (voodoo god) he dresses in a top hat, sunglasses with one lense missing,and a fancy tux coat. one half of him is ether painted up like a skeleton or is half skeleton.
as far as gods of death go the baron is unique in his sociability and charisma. often going to partys and balls. he is rude and rambunctious but in pleasant way. ironically as a god of death he is the life of the party. he has always been a favorite of mine because he adds a bit of spice to your normal reaper.
even though he was a party animal. he took his job very seriously and is one of the most called upon loas because of this. you would ask for his aid with helping a dying person. they could not die if he would not take them.