Friday, October 21, 2011

Pumpkin Knights thoughts of the ouija board

I've seen, studied, and used meany forms of divination and ouija boards is the one I have the most mixed feelings about. I'm not going to tell you that if you use it a demon is going to enter nose and make you read harry potter or anything crazy like that, but the fact of the matter is their a lot of things that can go wrong when using it.

what separates it from tarot, runes, dice, and varied forms of other tool related divination is it also requires an outside spiritual entity to work. with the proper training and protection you could have yourself a very powerful tool. without.....well theirs a reason it has the reputation it does.

one of the biggest problems is that most people who use it do not take it s seriously. you should never "play" with something like that. but I'm not saying you should never use one, just realize what your doing. as soon as you decide to use the board your believing in it "might work" or else things like that would lose it's magic.

if you are going to use one here are some tips on making it safer:

1: know who or what your trying to contact.
never ever ever just throw up and open ended invite, its just not a good idea. pick out someone of something you would like to talk to before you even think of trying it. and even then stay on guard and weary.

2:bring protection
get some sort of amulet or talsimen such as a cross, ankh, pentagram, saint medallion, or something of the nature. keep salt,sage or holy water near.

3:be careful who you use it around
things like this pick up on a lot. someone putting off some bad vibes could be a really bad thing.

4: trust your gut
if something seems off then it probably is. say goodbye to whatever your talking to and put the board away.

5: treat your tool with respect, store it properly
most divination tools are stored it black bags or cloths. black it thought to keep out outside energys while your tool is not in use. also keeping a small quartz crystal with it is not a bad idea. if your board ever begins to feel wrong listen to rule 4 and retire it and get a new one.

hope this helps!
Pumpkin Knight


Mr. Macabre said...

Fascinating read and beautiful picture of a Halloween board. Have you contacted anyone from the other side and conversed with them? Do you use an off the shelf Parker Brothers board or do you have a special one? Thanks for sharing this information! I think that I'll personally pass on using one, I'm too much of a chicken!