Wednesday, February 3, 2010

spooky review: Top 5 halloween movies for kids

because I didn't get a chance to grab the book I wanted to review I decided to make a top five list. this is my favorite Halloween kid movies

1. the Halloween tree
this is THE Halloween movie. I hold this to be Halloween incarnate and I'm sure I'm not alone.

2. The Nightmare Before Christmas
this gave us one of the most basic Halloween songs known to man. and for being a Christmas movie it's full of hallowinne goodness

3.spirited away
one of Miyazaki's best works and stuffed full of ghosts and goblins this is one of the best non Halloween films for October.

4.Halloween town
Disney last decent attempt at Halloween lead to this uber cheesy and supremely corny movie. it lacks the dazzle and haunting feel of tim's halloweentown non the less one gets lost in the story and can just let loose and be a kid again

5. scary godmother
this is cartoon networks attempt at halloween. it hits closer to Tim's halloweentown feel and the pun humor is surprisingly witty at times. I think this one got largely ignored because it was a bit cheesy. but how many of us Halloween nuts could deny wishing for a scary godmother?

feel free to tell me what you guys think of the movies I chose or what ones you would like to see on the list. (remember KIDS movies leave the horror shows for the next top 5 list)